Monday, 23 August 2010

"Nice guys finish last"

Ok, everyone's completely aware of the term "Nice guys finish last" or the whole theory of "Girls like assholes".. Well it's true, in fact it's not just girls, it's everyone, to an extent of course

Think about the nicest person you know, the kind of person who wouldn't speak their mind in case they caused offence, the kind of person that wouldn't stick up for themselves incase it annoyed the person. It's sad to think, this character, probably doesn't have many friends

Or, maybe i'm assuming too much. But I can think of at least 10 people that fit the description, and I know why. The fear of not wanting to offend someone leads to never voicing your own opinion, which, makes you a boring person. The person i'm thinking of utters the same words everytime I speak to them, "Coursework, results and everything similar".

I understand it, I used to be like that myself, completely different to the person I am now who would jump on the opportunity to express how my opinion is much more correct than someone elses

And I didn't have very many friends, proper friends like. But the small circle of friends I did have, expanded when I started youth work and there I was taught to voice my opinions, then as I started doing that I made new friends, met new people

What i'm trying to say is, never be afraid to voice your opinion, because that's how you met friends, through sharing of interests. Even if a room full of people disagree, your opinion is important

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not" - Kurt Cobain

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Straight outta Kilkeel.. (Politics)

Ok, for those reading in the future, hello future people, I hope i'm not dead, if I am - I don't really know where i'm going with this but here's an introduction so you know what im talking about

Martin Connolly has refused to condemn the bomb scare on his neice who works for the police. A bomb scare that had the scroog road and other parks evacuated

Now, let it be known I have never been a fan of Martin Connolly but this is just complete bull, and here's why

  1. Ok, I always believe in standing up for your rights, I prefer someone who can say something to a room full of people with the opposite view respectfully than I do someone who would agree to conform to the crowd. BUT THIS IS BULLSHIT. Yes I know "My forefathers died for this cause etc etc", and if you want to write in saying "If they tried to blow me up, that's dead on", yes it is dead on, condemning the people unfortunate enough to have anything to do with your scumbag persona is a different thing. Your neice is trying to make this a more peaceful place for everyone to live, something you as a counceller should be doing also..
  2. Think of the Children: I remember when I used to work with youth work a man who i'll leave un named said the following to me
"I was doing an activity with this group of kids, and, admittidly the girl was ditsy, but she said "What's a bomb scare", and that is one of the greatest revelations i've had as a youth worker that this place is improving"
That's sort of always stuck with me, and come on, anyone can say as a child if they had to be evacuated from a bomb, it'd fuck them up for weeks, months even possibly years, I know if I had to be evacuated tonight I wouldn't feel properly safe in my house for a long time

What i'm basically pointing out is, I can speak for a lot of people when we say we dont give a fuck and don't want the troubles back. And this isn't helping, and when the men in office are slagging eachother over social networking sites or coming to the paper saying it's dead on if more bloodshed is spilled over this abomination of a civil war, it's not helping, in any way.

What i'm basically saying is, wise the fuck up, I don't want my Generation paying for the last fews fuck ups