Monday, 31 January 2011

This is the beginning, of the song

Drunken idea's always turn out great, this is a 100% proven fact. Anyhow I found a small male prostitute by the side of the road on Saturday night and we have started a new music Project

It's anamanaguchi style, where we're going to compose chiptune melody's then record real drums, bass and guitar over it.

Anyway, that's what's up

Oh, here's a new cover

Friday, 28 January 2011

Chiptune attempt #6

I maded another chiptune
I find this one less painful to listen too
Covers are easy, so gonna do a few more before actually making own music.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

I used to have a lot of problems, then I bought me a walkman

Very few people know I started attempting to make 8 bit nintendo style music, well anyway here's one.

It's not very good, Im just putting it here incase I lose it because it's not finished, the 2 guitars that play in the first 50 minutes sound painful

Monday, 24 January 2011

And i'm reaching my threshold

Alcohol, you are a very evil object
List of recent drunken injuries belonging to me

1. 2nd Degree burns to my hand from falling on a log burner
2. Bruise on side of face from moshing
3. Neck killing me from headbanging
4. Bruise on my side from god knows what
5. Hangovers (Obviously)
6. When I lean forward I feel like I might die (Not sure why, its just really painful in a lot of places)

Watching my friends do the following
1. Cut themselves on glass
2. Fight.
3. Be sick in taxis
4. Be sick on peoples stairs
5. Be sick in bars
6. Be sick on bars
7. Be sick on dancefloors (I admit I done this)

I've had to go get my friends in various locations because they can't move. I've had to been got by my friends before also.
All these negative points
And I still want to drink this.

60% beer. Why? Because Alcohol is fucking awesome. And 60% would get you fucked. To alot this sounds crazy, but i've also seen friendships start and relationships start on night out (Not the kind of relationship story you tell the grand kids however).

Not drinking Alcohol does not put you on some pedastool of being better than anyone, just sayin'. I'd personally not have half the friends if I didn't drink. The positives of alcohol outweigh the negatives. And the funny thing is, all of the above negative things, we have all laughed at, well most.

Stay in school, don't do heavy drugs, and drink. Lots.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Stuff i'm sick of hearing #1

When you say this, I want to kill you

"Oasis are Indy" BRIT POP
"The PS3 will be around for years, we don't have the technology to make games good enough for the ps3". Please fuck off and die if you believe this, because you're retarded
"Haitch" Its "aitch".. deal with it.
People who pronounce "A" "ah"
I "hacked" their facebook, No you didn't, it was left on in your house, you're not neo.
"Eminem is the best rapper ever/Eminem is a real rapper because he raps about life". I love eminem, but neither of these are true
"Put on a song everyone knows" You mean "Put on a song i know" and no, fuck off
"Guitar hero is nothing like real guitar" Really? I didn't know, genius.
"Lady gaga has a penis" No she doesn't, fuck off

Monday, 3 January 2011

Ok so I did play a considerable amount of games this year, mostly because I was old enough to own an xtra vision card :)

Best Downloadable Game: Scott Pilgrim
Worst game I played this year: Final Fantasy 13
Best DLC: Undead Nightmare
Most ridiculous ending meaning it can't get in this top ten: Assassins creed Brotherhood
Anyway, here's my top 10 of this year.

10. Fable 3

Low down you might say, well it's your own fucking fault Fable. You build your games up Ridiculously and they stand alone as good games, but nowhere to your ridiculous hype. But it was enjoyable, the last couple of hours were pretty fucking boring though
Top Voice acting however

9. Dante's Inferno

If I was to give an award to possiby the darkest game I ever played? This would take it hands down. Holy shit, an achievement for killing unbaptised babies? Lethal. But the gameplay and graphics were awesome. The difficulty curve was ridonkulous. Easy was incredibly simple, put it up to medium and it was just stupidity.

8. Dead Rising 2
This was fun
I really did enjoy this game, but it isn't anything much different than Dead Rising. Sure alot has been changed and multiplayer added in and creation of own weapons. But the most fun thing was the same thing it was in Dead Rising, dressing up in ridiculous outfits and killing Zombies.

7. Fallout: New Vegas
Ok I really want to put this higher but I can't. Because it's not enough of a change from fallout 3. Which is great, because Fallout 3 was one of the best games i've ever played. But it didn't change the fact you can't play on after you finish the last mission and that really fucking pissed me off. 

6. Mafia 2
I really really really enjoyed this game. I liked how it started off in the war when that scenery was never to be used again. I liked how the gameplay was slow and the surroundings were dull and boring, then later as time progress's, New york starts to improve after the war, (because you know, america did so much in the war, the attention grabbing fucks), the cars get better, the way they make driving improve because even though your car is slow the speed limits make speed feel so much better etc. I however hated the ending, that really fucked me off, and the fake sense of it being a sandbox, and the ending. I can't stress the ending enough. Oh and some really repetitive missions.

5. Alpha Protocol.
I really enjoyed this game. I love games that have serious storylines but yet don't take themselves too seriously. Like the cheesy sountrack, turn up the radio in a boss battle. Epic. I also loved the classic structure, mission, mission, mission, side quest, boss battle. I liked the multiple choice factor even if it did oversell what it really was

4. Just Cause 2
I never played the original Just Cause, therefore the entire thing was new to me. But fuck I loved this game. The map was fucking HUGE. Like ridiculously big, fun gameplay, some repetitive missions however. The voice acting was awful also. BUT IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. Therefore the other stuff is void. If you focus on the voice acting in a game you probably focus on the guy in porn. AKA your a homofuck. Or a woman, I suppose

3. Mass Effect 2
I'm gonna sound an awful hypocrite here praising the voice acting but I don't care. The story, voice acting, cinematics, battles were all to perfection. However you don't get number #2 or #1 spot because of the ridiculous iron maiden boss battle and the fact you changed the weapons to have ammo. 

2. Fuck you its Halo: Reach
It's number 2, right? Halo: Reach was awesome. With amazing graphics, a great campaign from start to finish, great online and fun achievements. Much better online than COD. It wins. Haters gonna hate. Let's move on. Also it beats mass effect because its better than any other halo game, whilst mass effect its debatable.

1. Red Dead Redemption.
Wait, the VGA's, i'm agreeing with them. Yes, red dead redemption has even made it to my top ten games of all time. Its truly the best game this year and there's no arguments about it.

#1 Dream. Sorry

I kind of neglected you blogspot, and I apologise
I've been meaning to write top 10 lists of 2010 and I shall do that
But for now I must tell you, I just woke up because I was having epic dreams and I wish to write them down before I forget.
May it be noted I didn't use english skills in this, I just wrote it down as I remembered

Ok so it started with this girl asking me to do stuff (Of a non sexual favour), first was to kill this guy which I did and she kept asking for more favours and I seemed to know her because I asked where her husband was and she paused, thus I figured out she killed her husband (I will expand on that in my film adoption)

Then her friend came (I forgot to say this happened outside the bank machine at knox's and the girl appeared from the garage in there) then they tried to kill me and I ran across the road. Then the two of them were grabbed in a car, tied up and taken away, I let them go because seconds ago they tried to kill me.

Then i was walking down Rooney road and the car saw me and I put on a balaclava and started to run. I ran up manis' lane and up there I saw an old man who started to walk along side me asking where I lived and saying sure i'll walk with you. At the top of the road there was a few people carrying a small pink Coffin. Then the car came and 3 people got out and started to walk towards me and the old man

I went to punch the leader of the pack and the old man in a old Japanese film fashion had 2 of them in seperate ankle locks. But then he said "No one messes with a mcleary" then it became apparent that the person I had murdered was his son. At this moment the dream ended.

I went back to sleep to try and remember it, but i dreamed about Exploris.