Monday, 24 January 2011

And i'm reaching my threshold

Alcohol, you are a very evil object
List of recent drunken injuries belonging to me

1. 2nd Degree burns to my hand from falling on a log burner
2. Bruise on side of face from moshing
3. Neck killing me from headbanging
4. Bruise on my side from god knows what
5. Hangovers (Obviously)
6. When I lean forward I feel like I might die (Not sure why, its just really painful in a lot of places)

Watching my friends do the following
1. Cut themselves on glass
2. Fight.
3. Be sick in taxis
4. Be sick on peoples stairs
5. Be sick in bars
6. Be sick on bars
7. Be sick on dancefloors (I admit I done this)

I've had to go get my friends in various locations because they can't move. I've had to been got by my friends before also.
All these negative points
And I still want to drink this.

60% beer. Why? Because Alcohol is fucking awesome. And 60% would get you fucked. To alot this sounds crazy, but i've also seen friendships start and relationships start on night out (Not the kind of relationship story you tell the grand kids however).

Not drinking Alcohol does not put you on some pedastool of being better than anyone, just sayin'. I'd personally not have half the friends if I didn't drink. The positives of alcohol outweigh the negatives. And the funny thing is, all of the above negative things, we have all laughed at, well most.

Stay in school, don't do heavy drugs, and drink. Lots.

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