Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Assassin's creed. Stop this

I love you Assassins creed
I loved the first one
I loved the second one more
And brotherhood only added to my love

Coming into Assassins creed 2 I was expecting to get a futuristic battle between 2 armys, with still going back to desmonds memory's of his anchestors or whatever, I got this, and I loved you

I feel like i'm the only person putting any effort into this relationship
Im giving you all my love and all your doing is giving me ridiculous storylines at the end of the game
In assassins creed 2 and Brotherhood you added features, but then you just shit all over it
Playing Brotherhood I did kinda wanna turn it off incase you got your chance to shit all over my game
I didn't, and you give me a very well made construction site to navigate through, and I liked it, loved it actually, it was really well done

Then you come out with this ridiculous fucking alien room with an angel in it with the personality of a serious GLADAOS from portal. Going on about how she has this sixth sense, and how I should use mine, then I stab my friend because you apparantly made me

For fuck sake

That is fucking retarded
Fucking stop this
If you give me assassins creed and asked me how to ruin it I would put fucking aliens and fucking angels in it
Fuck (That one was for good measure)

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Oddyssey review

To interview this album, I had to first get the publics opinion on the album, before I fully made my own

"It cured my uncurable down syndrome" - Connor O'hare

"Needs more Saxophone" - Kealan Freeman

"I dolled 9 girls" - Connor O'hare

Background of the album
From a young age Daniel White wanted to make music (Pictured Below)

However, thousands of years ago on a cold Summer morning, January/12th/2000, shocking news had just reached Daniels household in the town of Cranfield, a few miles from London. That he had got Erectile Disfunction. His face is pictured below
What a Dickhead
But he wrote about the troubles he had getting an erection with a mind blowing song called "Reaper". It blew peoples minds. Then the band took a new direction, mainly focusing on food based lyrics such as "Chips and Sausages" that nobody liked

But now Ladies and Gentlemen, the young prodigy has released a new Album

All joking aside it's a really awesome album and he put alot of effort into it despite his erectile dysfunction. Definitely the best thing done by the poor lad since Reaper, which he should record.

So check it out, if your into that whole, good music, dreamtheatery, awesome kinda music?

Click here for the album

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

How to make Football (Soccer) more interesting....

Ok, I love watching the world cup and the occasional match at the bar (*Cough* excuse to drink), but I would never call myself a football follower
Why? Because I find it boring, I would much rather be performing alot of other activities than 90 minutes of OTHER people kicking a ball
But the reason football frustrates me, is it could be so much better
And heres how.

Everyone is familiar with Professional wrestling, football needs to be more like that

A lot of Months ago a footballer John terry cheated on his wife with a fellow player Wayne bridge


Or Allowing interferences. Wars do it why not football. USA VS Germany in the final, wait whos that, ITS RUSSIA, OH MY GOD ITS RUSSIA ON THE PITCH HELPING GERMANY WHAT A TURN OF EVENTS

Or cage matche-. Ok i'm gonna stop myself here and continue when i'm not sleep deprived. Goodnight

Thursday, 21 October 2010

"Why don't you do something about it?"

By complete co incidence yesterday I happened to be wearing purple. Not all purple just a purple t shirt. And I was informed that I was supporting "The deaths of gay people" by doing this

Now i'd be a liar if I were to say i'm not a little bit homo phobic. I don't hate them or anything, but gay guys are just strange to me, I don't know why. I have gay friends, and i'm ok with it though.

Now it's this whole "LETS WEAR PURPLE TO OPPOSE STRAIGHTNESS YES" that is really starting to fuck me off

I do not see a point in Spirit day, and especially gay pride, it's a fucking waste of money, and don't try to tell me "It's the same as a band Parade" I hate them too but at least some of them are commemorating the history of this country

This is more towards the gay community here because I know in other places especially America. I'm sure as a gay community you want perhaps legal marriage, legal to adopt children and that?

Then fucking do something about it instead of marching round the streets one day a week dressed like fucking assholes and drag queens, you're supposed to be coming off as normal human beings for christ sakes, and wearing purple to oppose your oppressors. And stop this whole "Lol straight people suck" bullshit, if your saying that you aren't gay, you're a wanker.

So conclusion: Wankers, stop pretending to be gay. Gay people: If you want to be accepted as normal, do something about it that isn't dressing up like a peacock.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

To Celebrate the 10/10/10

I was bored so I thought i'd do this. Here are 10 things that most people do not know about me.

1. I am a massive Julie Nunes  and Ally Rhodes (Youtube) fan. Gay, I know
2. I have 2 tattoo's.
3. I'm a massive Comic book enthusiast and have a pretty awesome collection (Wolverine especially)
4. I drink WKD, and lots of it
5. I'm so terrified of spiders that I have to check my room top to bottom before I sleep
6. I absolutely despise Death metal
7. I love Lady gaga
8. I practise animation and game basic flash game design. Alot. But wont show anyone the animations till i'm fully happy with something
9. I've never watched a full episode of friends
10. I find walking through the town during rush hour one of the most head wrecking things ever and avoid it at all costs

Top 10 games (Off the top of my head in no order)
1. Final Fantasy 7
2. Halflife series
3. Deus ex series
4. Halo Series.
5. Pokemon Red
6. Guitar hero
7. Battle for Middle earth
8. Red Alert 3
9. Fallout 3
10. Tony Hawks series

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

"The worst movie ever"

Truthfully, I have used this phrase to describe a number of Movies, i'll also admit, twilight isn't in fact the worst Movie i've ever seen, just don't tell too many people that one

I went to look at what some other people wrote as worst movies ever, and saw that "Freddy got Fingered" was on the worst comedies, I need not tell you all my disgust at this comedy gold being placed on the worst Movies ever list.

But I can't choose the "Worst Movie ever" so for this blog entry, i've decided to put them into a number of categorys of top 4's

Let the excitement begin

Top 4 Movies that were hyped and I looked forward too until seeing


3. Matrix Reloaded(The most disappointing Movie I have ever seen because I absolutely loved the original matrix, revolutions was quite nice also)

2. Avatar (I don't need to tell anyone how hyped up this Movie was, I personally hated it, after seeing 4d shows at Disneyland I can't appreciate this "mind-blowing phenomenon". Its also bollocks)

1. Romper Stomper (Described too me as "This is England but better". Russell Crow at his worst and that's saying something)

My top 4 most loathed films off the top of my head
4. Godzilla. (No shut up it was fucking horrible go away)

3. Son of the Mask (I can't put this in the other category because I never looked forward to a sequel of the original mask, and even if there was, it should of been based on the other guy getting the mask that jumps in the water at the end of the original. Horrible idea. Horribly executed. Shite)

Now let me interrupt the list, for number 1 & 2 I wanted to do something that alot of my friends consider good Movies and suggest watching before I go on rants and often huffing until I get my way. If I was just gonna simply choose worst Movie it'd be something like Mega shark vs giant octopus

2. Final Destination - I don't care what you say, it wasn't original, it wasn't amazing, it was absolute wank. ESPECIALLY THE FINAL DESTINATION. The 3d effects were terrible (Not that 3d is good at any time). Fuck you Final destination fans, FUCK YOU

1. Halloween 2 (The remake). This is the only Movie were I have tried to leave the cinema just to find my friend was enjoying it and wasn't leaving thus meaning I wasn't getting a lift home. And then, an hour or so in, he kills her, yay, its over. NO IT WAS A DREAM. A DREAM. I started punching myself at this point, a Movie made me cause physical harm to myself. I hope your happy Halloween. BECAUSE I WASN'T.

Bye xo bbz

Monday, 27 September 2010


Ok it may be true that I may have downloaded a song or two in my life span without paying the full price, or any price at all for that matter

But that is because of many different factors, the first being, HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED CRIBS. I'm pretty sure I can put £14 to better use than John Lennon can.

Ok to start of this large rant of how ridiculous the world is, let me put across some facts first of all

  • The RIAA tried to sue Piratebay for  13 million dollars for 34 cases of copy infringement.. If this is true that means that one download, song, movie, game etc is worth £328, 353.
  • Your average 8 gig ipod can hold, em, 2,000 songs fair to say? According to the RIAA it is worth $764,704,882. It is the single most valuable object on earth
  • If justice was to be brought to everyone who has made an illegal download from pirate-bay, it would be 382 trillion dollars. If you made a stalk of 50 dollar bills to equal that amount it would make a stack high enough to reach the moon... Twice

Now i'm not by any means saying "Let's never pay for a song again", because that would be silly. But I love music, and I love discovering new music, there is no possible way as me as an 18 year old can buy a whole artists back catalogue to see if I like it or not.

But as far as big time musicians go, they have way to much money, and to be fair most dont deserve another penny. But small time bands I always believe in buying their EP's, albums etc. Because they need the money to continue

Wouldn't want the same fate that Reuben (R.I.P) faced for other small time bands.

Conclussion: The new Piracy laws are balls

Monday, 23 August 2010

"Nice guys finish last"

Ok, everyone's completely aware of the term "Nice guys finish last" or the whole theory of "Girls like assholes".. Well it's true, in fact it's not just girls, it's everyone, to an extent of course

Think about the nicest person you know, the kind of person who wouldn't speak their mind in case they caused offence, the kind of person that wouldn't stick up for themselves incase it annoyed the person. It's sad to think, this character, probably doesn't have many friends

Or, maybe i'm assuming too much. But I can think of at least 10 people that fit the description, and I know why. The fear of not wanting to offend someone leads to never voicing your own opinion, which, makes you a boring person. The person i'm thinking of utters the same words everytime I speak to them, "Coursework, results and everything similar".

I understand it, I used to be like that myself, completely different to the person I am now who would jump on the opportunity to express how my opinion is much more correct than someone elses

And I didn't have very many friends, proper friends like. But the small circle of friends I did have, expanded when I started youth work and there I was taught to voice my opinions, then as I started doing that I made new friends, met new people

What i'm trying to say is, never be afraid to voice your opinion, because that's how you met friends, through sharing of interests. Even if a room full of people disagree, your opinion is important

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not" - Kurt Cobain

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Straight outta Kilkeel.. (Politics)

Ok, for those reading in the future, hello future people, I hope i'm not dead, if I am - I don't really know where i'm going with this but here's an introduction so you know what im talking about

Martin Connolly has refused to condemn the bomb scare on his neice who works for the police. A bomb scare that had the scroog road and other parks evacuated

Now, let it be known I have never been a fan of Martin Connolly but this is just complete bull, and here's why

  1. Ok, I always believe in standing up for your rights, I prefer someone who can say something to a room full of people with the opposite view respectfully than I do someone who would agree to conform to the crowd. BUT THIS IS BULLSHIT. Yes I know "My forefathers died for this cause etc etc", and if you want to write in saying "If they tried to blow me up, that's dead on", yes it is dead on, condemning the people unfortunate enough to have anything to do with your scumbag persona is a different thing. Your neice is trying to make this a more peaceful place for everyone to live, something you as a counceller should be doing also..
  2. Think of the Children: I remember when I used to work with youth work a man who i'll leave un named said the following to me
"I was doing an activity with this group of kids, and, admittidly the girl was ditsy, but she said "What's a bomb scare", and that is one of the greatest revelations i've had as a youth worker that this place is improving"
That's sort of always stuck with me, and come on, anyone can say as a child if they had to be evacuated from a bomb, it'd fuck them up for weeks, months even possibly years, I know if I had to be evacuated tonight I wouldn't feel properly safe in my house for a long time

What i'm basically pointing out is, I can speak for a lot of people when we say we dont give a fuck and don't want the troubles back. And this isn't helping, and when the men in office are slagging eachother over social networking sites or coming to the paper saying it's dead on if more bloodshed is spilled over this abomination of a civil war, it's not helping, in any way.

What i'm basically saying is, wise the fuck up, I don't want my Generation paying for the last fews fuck ups

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Amazing things

Ok, i've decided i'm gonna keep a post as something to update with quotes and memorys from nights out

01 July 2010 Location Quinns

"Fuck rollercoasters, dont need them, just get pissed and sit in a taxi, same thing"

Some spanish girl "Oh, you boyfriend and boyfriend"
Me and chris mouth off about spain for a good 10 minutes till her boyfriend makes her leave

Seeing some guy that looked like moot and going "MOOT" and one of them actually went "Oh fuck its those guys again"

Monday, 14 June 2010


Me age 14-15
I remember when I was young, looking into the future (I've always been someone that thinks way, way to much) that once I got to the age of about 15 I would sort of remain that way until I got till about 21. In short, I couldn't be more wrong, in detail, i'll give a run down of my last years.

The picture at the top is me, aged 14-15 (not sure), up until this point I had been heavy in youth work, listened to nothing but Metal and wore nothing but Metal t shirts. So it was safe to say, I enjoyed metal music. I didn't drink alcohol, in fact, I despised the stuff, oh, and had an unhealthy obsession with Trampoline Wrestling. just for a bit of evidence

Anyway, more to the point of the topic of "Change", this all drastically changed, I can't actually think of the point but basically my social life went from an hour up the town after school on a Friday with few friends, to carry outs in Newry and soon after Kilkeel, through this admittedly I lost some friends, but if it wasn't for this I wouldn't have met some of the most amazing people that turned me into who I am today, and also some of the biggest wastes of space.

Me aged 16-17 (Not sure)

Anyway, carryouts in the street soon took the usual turn of fights, drama and alot of people not becoming friends and myself enduring and seeing some of the messiest break ups in history.

But apart from the drinking thing there's many other factors to this, I mean when I was 16 I had my life figured out, stay on at school, sound enginnering, then it turned to computer game design, then history, now I messed up my last year at school and starting an office job

I guess what i'm trying to say is you never really can guess what's going to happen, I mean if you talked to me at different points in the last few years you may have saw a completely different person, due to change in life and people around me

HOWEVER. I can easily say, 2009 and 2010, is the year a shit load of stuff has happened to me, for the worse, which is what distracted me from school, but i'll be damned if these haven't been the single best years of my life because I am surrounded by the single greatest people in the world and everythings worked out for the best

Basically, don't take time for granted, good and shit times make you who you eventually are, I know I still have growing up to do, but I have no desire to do so in the forseeable future, get a job and keep acting the way I do seems to be the plan

Well, this was an incredibly personal and serious post, more of my usual stuff later

Friday, 14 May 2010

First post

Ok, the face book word limit has annoyed me to the point where I did something dramatic, made my own Blog. I mean, I have been using the site to follow many people such as "Grape Diggers" and "David Firth". Even if this isn't viewed by anyone but me and possibly Matthew it's just something to rant about various things that isn't a diary, because it is 2010 and I am not homosexual

Anyway, for anyone who doesn't know me I'm currently working, sort of majorly fucked up school, and depending on how you look at it, you could say I sabotaged it on purpose. I'm 18 and enjoy rants and coming to my own new mental conclusions on things, at least on this I can offend people more-so than facebook