Monday, 27 September 2010


Ok it may be true that I may have downloaded a song or two in my life span without paying the full price, or any price at all for that matter

But that is because of many different factors, the first being, HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED CRIBS. I'm pretty sure I can put £14 to better use than John Lennon can.

Ok to start of this large rant of how ridiculous the world is, let me put across some facts first of all

  • The RIAA tried to sue Piratebay for  13 million dollars for 34 cases of copy infringement.. If this is true that means that one download, song, movie, game etc is worth £328, 353.
  • Your average 8 gig ipod can hold, em, 2,000 songs fair to say? According to the RIAA it is worth $764,704,882. It is the single most valuable object on earth
  • If justice was to be brought to everyone who has made an illegal download from pirate-bay, it would be 382 trillion dollars. If you made a stalk of 50 dollar bills to equal that amount it would make a stack high enough to reach the moon... Twice

Now i'm not by any means saying "Let's never pay for a song again", because that would be silly. But I love music, and I love discovering new music, there is no possible way as me as an 18 year old can buy a whole artists back catalogue to see if I like it or not.

But as far as big time musicians go, they have way to much money, and to be fair most dont deserve another penny. But small time bands I always believe in buying their EP's, albums etc. Because they need the money to continue

Wouldn't want the same fate that Reuben (R.I.P) faced for other small time bands.

Conclussion: The new Piracy laws are balls

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  1. The South park episode that made fun of this was hilarious.
    "This is the home of Lars Ulrich, the drummer for Metallica. This month he was hoping to have a gold-plated shark tank bar installed right next to the pool, but thanks to people downloading his music for free, he must now wait a few months before he can afford it."

    Poor Reuben. I feel bad that I downloaded them, just because of what happened.