Tuesday, 28 September 2010

"The worst movie ever"

Truthfully, I have used this phrase to describe a number of Movies, i'll also admit, twilight isn't in fact the worst Movie i've ever seen, just don't tell too many people that one

I went to look at what some other people wrote as worst movies ever, and saw that "Freddy got Fingered" was on the worst comedies, I need not tell you all my disgust at this comedy gold being placed on the worst Movies ever list.

But I can't choose the "Worst Movie ever" so for this blog entry, i've decided to put them into a number of categorys of top 4's

Let the excitement begin

Top 4 Movies that were hyped and I looked forward too until seeing


3. Matrix Reloaded(The most disappointing Movie I have ever seen because I absolutely loved the original matrix, revolutions was quite nice also)

2. Avatar (I don't need to tell anyone how hyped up this Movie was, I personally hated it, after seeing 4d shows at Disneyland I can't appreciate this "mind-blowing phenomenon". Its also bollocks)

1. Romper Stomper (Described too me as "This is England but better". Russell Crow at his worst and that's saying something)

My top 4 most loathed films off the top of my head
4. Godzilla. (No shut up it was fucking horrible go away)

3. Son of the Mask (I can't put this in the other category because I never looked forward to a sequel of the original mask, and even if there was, it should of been based on the other guy getting the mask that jumps in the water at the end of the original. Horrible idea. Horribly executed. Shite)

Now let me interrupt the list, for number 1 & 2 I wanted to do something that alot of my friends consider good Movies and suggest watching before I go on rants and often huffing until I get my way. If I was just gonna simply choose worst Movie it'd be something like Mega shark vs giant octopus

2. Final Destination - I don't care what you say, it wasn't original, it wasn't amazing, it was absolute wank. ESPECIALLY THE FINAL DESTINATION. The 3d effects were terrible (Not that 3d is good at any time). Fuck you Final destination fans, FUCK YOU

1. Halloween 2 (The remake). This is the only Movie were I have tried to leave the cinema just to find my friend was enjoying it and wasn't leaving thus meaning I wasn't getting a lift home. And then, an hour or so in, he kills her, yay, its over. NO IT WAS A DREAM. A DREAM. I started punching myself at this point, a Movie made me cause physical harm to myself. I hope your happy Halloween. BECAUSE I WASN'T.

Bye xo bbz

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