Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Oddyssey review

To interview this album, I had to first get the publics opinion on the album, before I fully made my own

"It cured my uncurable down syndrome" - Connor O'hare

"Needs more Saxophone" - Kealan Freeman

"I dolled 9 girls" - Connor O'hare

Background of the album
From a young age Daniel White wanted to make music (Pictured Below)

However, thousands of years ago on a cold Summer morning, January/12th/2000, shocking news had just reached Daniels household in the town of Cranfield, a few miles from London. That he had got Erectile Disfunction. His face is pictured below
What a Dickhead
But he wrote about the troubles he had getting an erection with a mind blowing song called "Reaper". It blew peoples minds. Then the band took a new direction, mainly focusing on food based lyrics such as "Chips and Sausages" that nobody liked

But now Ladies and Gentlemen, the young prodigy has released a new Album

All joking aside it's a really awesome album and he put alot of effort into it despite his erectile dysfunction. Definitely the best thing done by the poor lad since Reaper, which he should record.

So check it out, if your into that whole, good music, dreamtheatery, awesome kinda music?

Click here for the album

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