Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Stuff i'm sick of hearing #1

When you say this, I want to kill you

"Oasis are Indy" BRIT POP
"The PS3 will be around for years, we don't have the technology to make games good enough for the ps3". Please fuck off and die if you believe this, because you're retarded
"Haitch" Its "aitch".. deal with it.
People who pronounce "A" "ah"
I "hacked" their facebook, No you didn't, it was left on in your house, you're not neo.
"Eminem is the best rapper ever/Eminem is a real rapper because he raps about life". I love eminem, but neither of these are true
"Put on a song everyone knows" You mean "Put on a song i know" and no, fuck off
"Guitar hero is nothing like real guitar" Really? I didn't know, genius.
"Lady gaga has a penis" No she doesn't, fuck off

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