Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Assassin's creed. Stop this

I love you Assassins creed
I loved the first one
I loved the second one more
And brotherhood only added to my love

Coming into Assassins creed 2 I was expecting to get a futuristic battle between 2 armys, with still going back to desmonds memory's of his anchestors or whatever, I got this, and I loved you

I feel like i'm the only person putting any effort into this relationship
Im giving you all my love and all your doing is giving me ridiculous storylines at the end of the game
In assassins creed 2 and Brotherhood you added features, but then you just shit all over it
Playing Brotherhood I did kinda wanna turn it off incase you got your chance to shit all over my game
I didn't, and you give me a very well made construction site to navigate through, and I liked it, loved it actually, it was really well done

Then you come out with this ridiculous fucking alien room with an angel in it with the personality of a serious GLADAOS from portal. Going on about how she has this sixth sense, and how I should use mine, then I stab my friend because you apparantly made me

For fuck sake

That is fucking retarded
Fucking stop this
If you give me assassins creed and asked me how to ruin it I would put fucking aliens and fucking angels in it
Fuck (That one was for good measure)

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