Wednesday, 25 May 2011

No, I cannot forgive you yet

I've been naming my blog after lyrics, but the title of this one should be "Drugs", but "I should of known" by Foo Fighters basically sums it up

Now first of all my opinion on drugs. Marijuana is not a drug. No it's not, shut up, nope, no no no. "It's a plant that grows in the dirt, and if you just so happen to set it on fire, there are some effects" - Katt Williams.

But even it has fucked with a few of my friends heads. But nothing too serious, just paranoia, but I still think they're just pretending. Now alot of people can go on about how this is a serious problem. It isn't, no one has ever over dosed on Grass. Have people over dosed on Alcohol? Fuck yes they have. Have medically prescribed drugs ever killed someone? Fuck yes they have.

But that's not what this blog is about, when I say "Drugs" i'm mostly going to be talking about methadrone (Meow meow), (Not Methadone), (This is alot of brackets)

The problem with this drug is it's new, no one knows what the long term effects are. So basically it could just start a timer that after you take it you die 7 days later, to the day. That day Kilkeel will be halfed in population.

But not even long term effects, i'm talking about people I used to be good friends with who have lost their fucking mind. I decided to catch up with one the other week and here's the exact message I recieved

"none of that meth or anything anymore cause it fucked with my head you should see the cut of me im all scrawny and look rotten and ive ot white hair now i turned into a chav cause of all them drugs lol minced"

Or from another friend

"Nah bai, I can't really go anywhere anymore, brain is fried can't deal with people"

Both these people were on meth again within a week. What the clean fuck. THAT is a drug. Grass is not. See the difference, slight paranoia to drug debt, change of appearance, loss of friends.

I know it's a long road till grass is made legal, but it at least could not be classified the same as Meth or coke or Heroine.

Shit, that was serious, better add a funny picture


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