Monday, 3 January 2011

#1 Dream. Sorry

I kind of neglected you blogspot, and I apologise
I've been meaning to write top 10 lists of 2010 and I shall do that
But for now I must tell you, I just woke up because I was having epic dreams and I wish to write them down before I forget.
May it be noted I didn't use english skills in this, I just wrote it down as I remembered

Ok so it started with this girl asking me to do stuff (Of a non sexual favour), first was to kill this guy which I did and she kept asking for more favours and I seemed to know her because I asked where her husband was and she paused, thus I figured out she killed her husband (I will expand on that in my film adoption)

Then her friend came (I forgot to say this happened outside the bank machine at knox's and the girl appeared from the garage in there) then they tried to kill me and I ran across the road. Then the two of them were grabbed in a car, tied up and taken away, I let them go because seconds ago they tried to kill me.

Then i was walking down Rooney road and the car saw me and I put on a balaclava and started to run. I ran up manis' lane and up there I saw an old man who started to walk along side me asking where I lived and saying sure i'll walk with you. At the top of the road there was a few people carrying a small pink Coffin. Then the car came and 3 people got out and started to walk towards me and the old man

I went to punch the leader of the pack and the old man in a old Japanese film fashion had 2 of them in seperate ankle locks. But then he said "No one messes with a mcleary" then it became apparent that the person I had murdered was his son. At this moment the dream ended.

I went back to sleep to try and remember it, but i dreamed about Exploris.

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