Thursday, 24 February 2011


Luckily, I live in Northern Ireland, so I thought I was safe from this stupid fucking trend. But just like I thought I was saved from other trends like chavs, emos and the rest, I was wrong.

I was at a gig recently and I was at the bar, so I decided to talk to the guy next to me also waiting to be served. I didn't notice his thick rimmed glasses, ridiculous haircut or just douche bag ness.
So anyway, I asked "Enjoying the gig?". Which is really one of those questions like "Here to piss?" in the toilets. Of course the reply was "Nah, not really my thing"
"Oh what's your thing then?"
"Ah, 10,000 maniacs and like em REM"
"I love REM, except everybody hurts" I replied
"Oh I like there other stuff"
"Like orange crush?"
""No much different"
So I went out on a limb here, to try see if this guy was a genuine lover of unheard of REM songs, or just being a COCK.
"Purple Haze?" I asked
"Yeah more like that"
"THATS A JIMI HENDRIX SONG YOU TWAT" and I picked up my pint with pride and went back to the gig.

I've always hated people who make RIDICULOUS attempts at trying to be different with their music taste. Not to say I can't sometimes be like that, but that's because some bands older stuff I do genuinely prefer. For example Biffy Clyro. Blackened sky is one of my all time favourite albums, in my eyes they went downhill since that. But I also agree with the public on alot of things. I am partial to some Lady gaga. Oasis are one of my favourite bands. Vol. 3 by Slipknot IS the best.

I went a bit off track there, but the point is I didn't think that there would be an entire trend of people dedicated to being complete cocks. I mean i'm even more partial to like chavs now, at least they like Showtek, Dubstep, deadmau5 and trance?

So what i'm trying to say is


  1. Fuck i hate hipsters. I was at the movie theatre once waiting in line and this guy behind me was wearing a lights shirt, so im like "Hey man nice shirt!" Then he's like "Yeah, it used to be, until she became famous.." Fucking hipsters.

  2. hipsters have taken over new york city. please go find a starbucks in idaho or something lol.

  3. lol at the college I go to there are hipsters everywhere. I feel you pain.