Friday, 11 March 2011

Fight Club/ New Blog

I forgot how much I love the movie Fight Club. Last night me and my friend skeb sat down to watch some Fight Club because he never seen it, and the movie could send someone completely insane. It gives me pretty awesome ideas though

Like for example, if I ever came to the point I was going to kill myself. I could spend my days becoming a serial killer who targets Pedophiles, Rapists, Men who abuse woman and of course, people who own apple macs.

To send out a message, it's not ok to own apple macs, or the rest, and hopefully scare the rest out of there crimes. But that's just a democratic dream. To essentially become a super hero. Which brings me too another movie. Kickass

Kickass was definitely one of my favourite movies of last year if not the best, as well as Book of Eli, Scott Pilgrim and  From Paris with Love. (Note how I didn't say Inception, because it wasn't that god damned good. If you want a complex movie that's actually good, watch the usual suspects). Kickass also sort of played with this idea that anyone could be a super hero.

What i'm trying to say is, if I don't get a job soon i'm going to start murdering some people. And that's why i'm making a seperate blog from this. I really couldn't give this blog a category, it's really just rants, ramblings, ideas and some music. Oh and a review of Oddyssey.

But this blog will just be about how fucking impossible it is to get a job round here. And how much the dole sucks. And the good bits as well like sitting in my garden drinking beer (Got to make the most of it).

Yeah i'm gonna go work on that now